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Experience the Richness of Bengali Traditions with Atlanta Bengali Forum

We are thrilled to announce that the Atlanta Bengali Forum(ABF) is now open for new membership enrollments! As one of the most celebrated and joyous festivals in our community, Durga Puja is around the corner and it brings together people from all walks of life to rejoice in the spirit of unity, culture, and devotion.

ABF has been organizing memorable Durga Puja celebrations since 2001 in our community. Our committee is driven by a passion to uphold the rich traditions and customs associated with this auspicious festival while fostering a sense of togetherness and harmony among our members.


Membership Benefits:


* Active Participation: Contribute your ideas and skills to make Durga Puja/Saraswati Puja/Cultural events/Summer Picnic/Poila Boishak/ New Year celebration truly special and unforgettable.


* Festive Celebrations: Access to all events, rituals, and cultural programs during the Durga/Saraswati Puja festival.


* Community Involvement: Engage in various pre-puja and post-puja activities that promote community welfare and social initiatives.


* Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow community members, fostering lifelong friendships and professional relationships.


* Prasad Distribution: Receive blessings and prasad directly from the divine during the Durga Puja rituals.


How to Join:

Joining ABF is a simple and quick process. Here's how you can become a member:

* Navigate to the Donation section. Membership fee and other details are provided here


Poila Boishakh 2024

Embrace the splendor of the Poila Boishakh Festival! Welcome the new year amid the melody of music and the elegance of dance, in a celebration that promises an ethereal blend of culture and joy. Let’s gather to create beautiful memories under the banner of auspicious beginnings. This is an invitation to a day where beauty and tradition converge, offering an experience that’s not to be missed. Join us in this beautiful celebration.

Lunch Offerings for Poila Baisakh - April 14th, 2024

We cordially invite you to partake in our curated lunch menu specially designed for the Poila Baisakh festivities. Please ensure your booking is completed by April 10th, 2024, to partake in this journey.

For your convenience, payments can be made to the following Zelle ID: We kindly ask that you update your details in the Google sheet below :

Google Sheet Link

Offerings for Non-Members:

  • Pizza: Enjoy our pizza at $2 per slice.

Vegetarian Selection ($13 per person):

  • Delectable Veg Biryani

  • Cooling Raita

  • Refreshing Coke

  • Fresh Salad

Non-Vegetarian Choice ($13 per person):

  • Succulent Chicken Biryani

  • Cooling Raita

  • Refreshing Coke

  • Fresh Salad

Beverage Option:

  • Coke available at $2 per person.

Snacks Stall Live Counter:

  • Select from a range of snacks at $2 per item.

Complimentary During Cultural Program:

  • Soothing Tea

  • Delightful Biscuits


Atlanta Bengali Forum established in 2001 is a non-profit cultural organization of Bengalis in Georgia and around the country. Our goal is to foster a spirit of family, friendship, diversity and community between its members through social and community activities, sports events, musical gatherings and religious festivals.


Our mission is to foster a spirit of family, friendship, diversity and community between our members through social and community activities and events.


ABF is a member's organization, and we're committed to serving our members. We welcome you and your family to join our community for fun-filled activities throughout the year!


Our members help promote cultural diversity and understanding of Bengal throughout the Atlanta metro area by working to address community needs.

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ABF Boshonto Ponchomi & Saraswati Puja 2024

Date: Feb 17th 2024

Doraville Civic Center

3770 Central Ave Doraville, GA-30340


We're actively trying to uphold the Bengali    traditions and culture and pass them down to the future generations.

Atlanta Bengali Forum

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